Chakma Scripts Learning Course

We are planning to observe the year 2011 as `Chakma Scripts Learning Year.’ To make it a success Tripura Chakma Students Association, Young Chakma Association (Tripura chapter), Committee for Development of Chakma Language and MAADI will launch a massive movement jointly in Tripura. For this purpose we prepared a training manual with the help of Chakma text books published by Education Board, CADC, Mizoram. We are publishing the manual for our on-line MAADI freinds who wish to learn Chakma Scripts. CHAKMA SCRIPTS LEARNING COURSE

5 comments on “Chakma Scripts Learning Course

  1. Maadi… Brother…
    your Chakma script learning course… is not…best quality. Bcoz…. your .pdf file format is not correct.. Did you download test own??? When I download… your Chakma script learning course. The pdf file shows me… complicated i mean the font of the book. are.. shows me.. sixtyninth. So u need to correct pl…
    We hope nice and beautiful… Chakma script from u… Thanks…


  2. Dear Admin, I am here a new. I downloaded chakma learning course book from this website. But I am unable to see and read it due to having no chakma font in my PC what you have used. So kindly provide me a suggestion about this to solve the problem as soon as possible.


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