MAADI : Issue-58, January 2011.

1. Resolution of Advisory Committee for Development of Chakma Language to introduce Chakma Scripts in Tripura.
2. 35th Central YCA Conference at Rajibnagar.
3. Creation of MAADI website.
4. 8 Chakma died in motor accident in Mizoram.
5. Observation of Chakma Script Learning Year-2011 in Tripura by TCSA, YCA and CDCL.

Formation of organisation not for separation but for unity.

The basics. Reading writing without using any `kar’.

Janesh Ayon, Anil Baran, Phula sadak, Changma Ajit Kanti and Sanjita.

Pragati Khisa from Rangamati.

Some glimpse from the life of Ven. Bana Bhante.
Questions and Answers.
Chakma Proverb and many more. Please click to download : Issue-58, January 2011

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