Guidelines for Bizumela Development Society

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Tripura Bizumela started its journey in 1973. After 37 years in 2011, Bizumela evolved as an organisation from an event in the way of formation of Tripura State Level Bizumela Standing Committee. In 2013, the Standing Committee transformed itself into Bizumela Development Society (Bizumela Bhaledi Jodha) and presently trying to transform the Bizumela in to a Cultural Revolution through participation of mass people in preservation and development of our cultural heritage.

Here is the short guideline of the Bizumela Development Society…BDS Guidelines



Bizumela-1441st Tripura State Bizumela was held from 13th April to 15th April, 2014 at Jharjari, Ehde Gumet, Tibura. After 3 days competition in 15 cultural and 6 sports events, Ehde Dergang Baam was adjudged as Champion Baam-2014. Agere Manu and Ehde Manu Baam stood as 2nd & 3rd respectively. Here is the details…Bizu Competition Results-2014


BN-14 cover

Bizu Nijenhi-2014 published by Bizu Development Society on the occasion of celebration of 41st Tripura State Bizu Festival-2014 at Jharjari, Ehde Gumet, Tibura.

Cover by Prgyan Chakma.

Ubho Geet by Chitra Mallika Chakma.

Jhora Geet by Hottali Chakma.

Banha by Mon Kumar Chakma & Mangalapati Chakma.

Essay on Traditional Games by Sukbilash Chakma & Jyotirmoy Chakma.

Brief Life Histories of some of our heroes by Niranjan Chakma, Kusum Kanti Chakma & Shanti Bikash Chakma.

Poems by Shankar, Chakma Asim Roy, Janesh Ayon, Pankaj, Suniti Ranjan, Malabika, Ananda Mohan, Surath, Dharani Ranjan, Nanda Mohan, Nandalal, Kaliprasad, Merin, Dhanurdhar, Ijack, Kusum Kanti, Amar, Prasen, Sushmita, Prisati, Udyog, Rangochyeda, Monmoth, Mahim, Pragati, Brishasen, Jusmi, Swarna Jyoti, Bhabantu Bikash, Amaresh, Samaresh, Asish & Tapas Kumar.

Short Stories by Niranjan Chakma, Changma Ajit Kanti Dhamei, Fodangtang Changma & Potpotye Changma.

Critical Essays by Alok Talukdar, Pradhir Talukdar, Shanti Bikash Chakma, Mangal Kumar Chakma & Swarna Kamal Chakma.

History of Bizumela by Niranjan Chakma, Kusum Kanti Chakma & Sujoy Chakma.

Complete Book: The Chakmas: An Introduction by L. B. Chakma.

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