The most used Chakma fonts in India are Chakma(SuJayan) created by Dangu Er. Jayan Chakma and Sujoy Chakma and Punongjun created by Dangu Er. Jayan Chakma. District School Education Board, Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC), Mizoram is using Chakma(SuJayan) in their Text Books and here in Tripura we are using Punongjun. In Dechhul (CHTs), Indigenous Cultural Institute, Rangamatye used Chadigang fonts in its Text Books. Recently, Bivuti Chakma and Jyoti Chakma of Ribeng IT Solutions, Rangamatye developed Alaam fonts in collaborating with Indigenous Cultural Institute. They were also successfully developed the only Chakma Unicode font RibengUni. Earlier, there were two fonts in use in Dechhul namely BijoyGiri DPC (created by Deba Priya Chakma) and NishanChakma.

It means, by 2012, we are having at least five ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) fonts and one Unicode font to write in Chakma. But the problem is we cannot use all the fonts easily due to Continue reading