MAADI: Issue-19, March-April, 2007

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The Chakmas and the so called Facebook heroes

Facebook, started in 2003 as FaceMash has evolved as Facebook in 2004 and gone global in 2007-08. Chakmas started to flock together in Facebook in 2009-10. In that time the world was experiencing some unique movements which gathered their strengths from online activism. Arab Spring (December 2010), Occupy Wall Street and Anna Hazare’s movement demanding strong Lokpal Bill (April 2011) also may have direct or indirect influence on the Chakma online activists.

I have joined Facebook on 24th September 2010. Before my joining, the pioneers among the Mizoramme Chakma Facebookians Hemanta Larma and Paritosh Chakma joined FB on February 2009 and February 2010 respectively. Arunachalye Chakmas came Continue reading