Chakma Jati by Satish Chandra Ghosh

Bijhu Nijheni-12 - Copy

Chakma Jati by Satish Chandra Ghosh was published in 1909, the first extensive works on the Chakmas. The 3rd book dealing with Chakma history after The Chittagong Hill Tracts and Dwellers Therein by T. H. Lewin published in 1869 and A Statistical Account of Bengal, Vol-VI by W. W. Hunter published in 1876. It is the first book dealing with every aspects in detail right from the mythology to games & sports of the Chakmas. This large book (20 chapters, 404 pages) of Sunanu Ghosh, though is not perfect, but was pioneer in many ways, especially famous for adding the Arakan chapter in Chakma history for the first time.

Please click here to download the full book:
Part-I Part-II Part-III Part-IV Part-V

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